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August 28, 2014

Pattern Inspiration Via Vegetable Gardens

Adding patterns in design usually involves more work than it takes to simply add colors and textures. I'm always looking for patterns that are visually appealing - and I was able to find them in these vegetable gardens. These patches are planted with interesting patterns that are inspired by interior design principles. A good designer will always look for cues from anything and everything that is aesthetic, creative, and engaging. Who wouldn't want to create a vegetable patch that can not only provide food, but also add a flair of design to the garden?

Vegetable Gardens
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August 20, 2014

ModCloth's Cutest Things

ModCloth is always surprising me with the cutest things that I never come across anywhere else. I frequently visit this online shop to browse through their new arrivals. While doing so, I found these adorable items! Hope you like them...

August 16, 2014

Decorate With Maps

Maps give us a visual perspective of where we live, the places we've been, and where to go next. I feel nostalgic every time I look at a world map - my mind wanders off to all the cities I've visited and the memories I've made. I start visualizing the places I want to visit next. But it's not just the geography--the cultures, food, and languages make each spot a special part of this wonderful world we belong in. After seeing these stunning rooms, I am quite convinced that the world map can be used as a both a wall decor and a great memory. Do you agree with me?

Decorate With World Maps
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August 14, 2014

Simple Spring Decorations

Here are a creative few ways to easily integrate nature into your home. I bet that most of us have access to leaves, lemons and flowers, so designs like these are quick solutions. As you can see from my examples, these stunning decorations are created using mason jars, glass bottles, cups, and vases. Easy, inexpensive, and sure to impress guests- what's not to love?

Simple Decorations With Leaves

Simple Decorations With Leaves

Simple Decorations With Lemons and Flowers

Simple Decorations With Flowers