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November 22, 2014

Gadgets You Will Love - Valhalla Luggage Scale

This gadget is for travelers who want to travel without anxiety of paying extra for heavy baggage. I can't imagine the last minute stress of going to the ticketing counter when one or more of my suitcases have crossed the limit! It feels awful to pay hundreds of dollars in fees - I would rather spend this money during my vacation. A gadget that costs less than $15.00 can relieve a significant amount of stress. Isn't this something you might want to consider for yourself or as a holiday gift for someone you care about? Check out its sleek design and durable strength of Valhalla Luggage Scale
Valhalla Luggage Scale

Valhalla Luggage Scale

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

November 21, 2014

Traditional Hanok Houses

Continuing my mini-series on an architectural world tours..  in this page, I've featured Hanok Houses from Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, Korea. These traditional Korean houses reflect Korean architecture and their long history. I believe Hanok's are now trendy, and travelers want to experience living in a Hanok! After putting this page together, I really feel like spending my next family vacation in a Hanok!

I've some information here and links to go to for more.. followed by some of my favorite Hanok houses. Hanoks are environmental friendly. Natural resources such as stone, wood and paper are all used to build this house.  The Korean paper called Hanji which is made from the bark of a mulberry tree is stuck on every flat surface inside the home, which includes the walls, doors, ceilings and floors.  It has excellent insulating capacity and it also adjusts humidity levels by absorbing excess moisture in the air and evaporating it when the air is dry.

Hanoks are also characterized by their dual flooring, ondol and maru, which fit together like yin and yang. Ondol is stone flooring for the winters, heated from below by a fire in a heating system unique to hanok. Maru is raised wood flooring which is both porous and cool in summer. This dual floor design marks how hanok deviates from the typical Chinese architecture of the Tang era.

sources: Hanok Traditional Korean House5 reasons to stay hanok while traveling Korea

Hanok Houses from Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, Korea.
Hanok Houses from Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, Korea
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Hanok Houses from Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, Korea

November 19, 2014

A Great Way To Send Flowers Via The Bouqs

Disclaimer: This is a partnered post with The I received these flowers for participating in brand activities and spreading the word. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The flowers I received from made me very happy! It arrived intact in a nice box and they were so fresh that I could even smell the white roses. I had a hard time selecting from their wide collection because all of them were stunning. I picked 'Peace' which is a beautiful mix of white roses and purple accent flowers.  I love how their different bouquets are named - such as 'Cake n Cream', 'Harvest Moon', "Lady Bug', 'Sunfire', and so on.. where the mix of really make them look like what they are being called!

Other observations that I made are - website is very simple to use - bouquets come in are three sizes: Original for $40, Deluxe for $50, and Grand for $70.  There is no shipping charges and you choose the delivery date unless you want overnight delivery.  Not only that, the Bouqs flowers are sourced only from eco-friendly, sustainable farms that respect both the environment and their workers.

Finally, every bouquet they send is curated - meaning they are already styled gorgeously by experts. All if you have to do is carefully put them in a vase. Well, if you're looking for beautiful flower bouquets, to send to family or friends, be sure to check out The Bouqs! You will not be disappointed!

Peace Flowers by Bouqs

Peace Flowers by Bouqs

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November 11, 2014

Moorish Architecture And Designs

The Moorish Style! I don't have enough words to praise this gorgeous architectural style! I'm so glad to add this to my world tour....

Here's a little history -- the Moorish architecture and designs are named after Moors - North African people who conquered what is now Spain, Portugal, and the Pyrenees region of France around 712 AD  to 1492. They introduced several architectural details including the unique way of painting ceramic tiles called ‘Zellige’. It consists of complex geometrical designs on tiles. It just amazes me how symmetric and colorful these tiles are.. Moors must have been expert Mathematicians to get such designs right.
Moorish Tiles

Another distinct style is their Moorish arch also know as the horseshoe arch which you will find in several of these pictures below. Moors also introduced cotton cultivation in places like Spain in the 9th century and silk and textile dyes came to Spain with them. Since they were nomads, they also introduced elements of nature such as flowers, gardens, water fountains, pools etc., There are so many other beautiful elements to talk about.. Moorish plasters, wood work, rustic decor.. all of which I have tried to portrait in these pictures..
Moorish Interior Design