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October 22, 2014

Happy Diwali!

Today's the 'Festival of Lights!' I'm sending warm wishes to all my lovely readers for happiness, prosperity and good health that will last the whole year through. Colorful diya lamps, rangoli art, flower decorations, sweets and snacks, new clothes and sparkling firecrackers are all here to announce the arrival of Diwali... 
Decor with lamps
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Diwali Decor With Diya Lamps

October 17, 2014

Olives From Spain - A Giveaway

Hello everyone! My previous page was on Spanish architecture, and I'm continuing this theme with a special page on authentic Olives from Spain! In this page, I've got an interesting interview with Chef Annie Sibonney on different types of olives and how to present them on a platter for parties and picnics. Her Spanish recipes are delicious, quick, and perfect for appetizers of any kind! Lastly, Olives of Spain has generously offered a giveaway to one of my readers! This fabulous giveaway consists of an elegant olive serving dish, a can of delicious Olives from Spain, branded toothpicks, a tote bag, apron, and coasters! Please fill in your raffle below and enjoy this short informational video..

All about Olives From Spain

Olives From Spain Dish

Olives From Spain Apron and Tote Bag

October 12, 2014

The Spanish Style

I find Spanish villas, cottages, farmhouses, and historical homes to be very airy, warm, cozy and softly decorated to be able to enjoy the coastal Mediterranean breeze. I love the fact that older homes in Spain are preserved and are totally renovated to suit the current lifestyle. How often do we see someone living in a 200 year old home?

I see a lot of this architecture where I live, i.e. in California, and wish I could re-model our home with Spanish style touches here and there. Well, hope you find my collection authentic and agree with this list as well. Please take a moment and comment on your thoughts and what I have missed:

  • Interiors of the home are connected to the exteriors. Verandas and patios are linked to the house thru french doors and archways.
  • Most homes have dramatic high ceilings with visible wooden beams.
  • Favorite flooring options are terra-cotta, stone or wood with textured designs; Area rugs are found typically around seating. Fully carpeted rooms are not so common.
  • Wall sconces, stairway railings, window rods etc., are made out of wrought iron and brass.
  • Walls are left plastered in lighter or warm colors
  • Colorful accessories are added to bring in the warmth and character to the room. 
  • Plenty of rustic wooden furniture are blended in with sofas and armchairs to create a natural look and feel to the room.
I throughly enjoyed writing about Indian Homes, French and now Spanish.. and so glad to see such a wonderful response from all of you! Without your support, I wouldn't be blogging :) Stay tuned for more world tours.. each style beautiful in its own way!
Spanish Style Decor
Spanish Style Decor
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October 07, 2014

Chic French Interiors

Continuing my mini-series on an architectural world tour..  I've got a page on French interiors for you. What's not to love-they're elegant, stylish, romantic, dreamy!  Decorators around the world are trying to replicate French style, so I carefully picked authentic pictures that showcase true Parisian design and glamor.

Here's what I see find in common with each of these spaces:

  • rooms outlined with detailed interior-moldings and intricate patterns
  • tall windows
  • dramatic lighting effects are created by crystal chandeliers and ornate sconces
  • vintage furniture
  • neutral, inviting tones
  • antique picture frames in gold finish with gallery walls to fill otherwise blank wall space
  • large mirrors add more depth to the room 
  • eclectic collections of antiques with travel memoirs styled in shelves
  • porcelain vases and fresh flowers to add that unforgettable touch..
Tell me what you think of this decorating style? 

Chic French interiors
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Chic French interiors
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