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April 15, 2014

Bravo TV's Southern Charm

I was hand picked by Sverve, an online company that helps users unleash their social verve, to watch Southern Charm and write about it. I have never had the patience to watch reality shows - I prefer 007 anytime! In spite of my biased views, I watched this show. To my own surprise, I ended up pausing it continuously to enjoy the Southern Charm. The decor, settings, and beautiful buildings of Charleston caught my eye right away. I feel like taking a family trip down there...

The main characters in the show are six aristocratic singles whose lives are filled with drama! I was amused by the problems rich people have every day and this show is all about it. If you want to catch-up on the drama, tune in at 10/9c Monday nights on Bravo. I'm planning to watch to see how the story unfolds..
Bravo TV's Southern Charm

Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party

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April 14, 2014

Art In The Office

Art is joyful; it immediately makes a person happy and sets a positive tone. In office environments, art makes the employees and visitors feel welcome. It also shows company's interest in creating a fun environment to work.

Some of us practically live at work, so a blank wall is too boring to look at all day. Studies have even shown that bright colors, known as 'high energy colors', are stimulating to the brain.  In fact, "Light is the only energy human eye can see, and we see it in the form of color." Each of us has an innate attraction to certain colors, and it has an impact in our productivity. With that said, I personally feel that art should be a part of office decor to make the workplace cheerful and to eliminate sick-building syndromes! Do you agree with me? What do you think of my picks here? Can you see yourself working in these offices :)  I can..

Modern Office Spaces - Art at Ofiice
via: chictip

April 09, 2014

A Colorful Party

I'm amazed by what can be done with colorful tissue paper! The possibilities for unique creations with these supplies are truly endless. For my next party, I'm going to put on my DIY hat and create vibrant paper flowers to impress my guests. I'm totally in mood for a fiesta with chips and dip, Old El Paso enchilada's, margarita's, etc.,  Spring is here and it is time to celebrate!
Colorful Party Decoration Ideas